How to Poo in the Woods
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How to Poo in the Woods

Author : Mats & Enzo

ISBN: 9781853759345

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Mats & Enzo are back - offering even more poo-related advice. They've saved your career in How to Poo at Work, eased your burden abroad with How to Poo on Holiday and helped your amorous toilet-related problems in How to Poo on a Date. Now they've turned their attention to one of mankind's eternal evacuation issues: How to Poo in the Woods. This practical guide, with its clear explanatory text and helpful diagrams, shows you what to do when you're miles from a flush toilet, let alone plumbing. And when there are wild animals waiting to pounce...

Author Bio

Mats is a man who has worked in companies around the world so he knows his way around an executive washroom, boardroom and even bedroom. Enzo is a fun-loving guy who works for a major multinational company. He cannot reveal his real name in case his art suffers and his relentless pursuit of pleasure at work (and elsewhere) is affected.